Friday, 2 September 2011

A long time coming

I look back at the last post on this blog, which was November last year. Almost ten months of silence. Well there is a reason. In early November, just as I was starting slow down just a little giving me time to reflect on my course and my art, I found myself with a new and very demanding job. I was asked to lead the team that was to launch the US version of Teachers TV called Teaching Channel. I was to do the job from the UK but had to make monthly trips of a week or more to the US, mostly San Francisco. It was hugely stimulating and totally absorbing. But of course it was going to make it hard to sustain my engagement with the City Lit Fine Art Course having to miss sessions on regular basis. However, I did hang in there with the support of my classmates and Chris Hough and get through to the end. I plan to a series of posts to cover the rest of the course but in the meantime here is where you go to see the fruits of my and my wonderful team's labours as of Sept 2011. Your can check it out here
There is lots of wonderful things about the Tch site many of which had little to do with me and everything to do with the design team at Method and the tech team at Substantial as well as Candy Meyers, Marie White and Demian Entrekin among others. the other aspect which makes me proud is the outstanding quality of the programmes which were put together in record time and guided by John Richmond supported by Erin Crysdale. I am stepping back now but continue to follow the fortunes of a wonderful project.


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