Monday, 30 January 2012

Xray Hands and Dislocated Finger

A further attempt to create stop frame video around the theme of the bones in my hand. In this case I wanted to replicate the Xray view that had started this all off. In particular the Xray of my dislocated finger. As before I wanted the video to be as much about its making as about its effect. There are glimpses of the drawing hand to emphasise the connection I am trying to make between my hand as the facilitating element of my art and the art itself.

I came across the granular effect by mistake. I wanted to roughen the edges a bit and this filter seemed to do just that. In addition it added some very interesting textures to the charcoal image. In some ways the most interesting part of this video. My son feels that the Philip Glass music is overly loaded with meaning and undermines the ambiguity of the images. I suspect he is right, but it is hard to resist the momentum and layered quality of the piece.
I am still not sure whether this leading anywhere. I am not convinced it will play a part in the final show, although I will continue to experiment and collect pieces as I think it is possible that I could pull fragments of many of these together into something that would provide a meaningful backdrop to the the 2D work I am trying to do!

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