Friday, 22 October 2010

Theory Session Contd

A couple more artists mentioned by Ed Jeavons. The first was Ian McKeever. Ed described his work as 'subdued'. From what I can see his work is largely large abstract which one of the biog's describes as 'essentially abstract but also anchored in experiences of the landscape and interiors'. An example suggests strong but limited and sometimes subdued palette, but well worth pursuing to fuel my abstract landscape aspirations:
And then he spoke about Luc Tuymans whom I have already come across. Not surprisingly I am drawn to his work since he took time out as an artist to work as a filmmaker and then brought back to his art all the language of film: close-ups, cropping and sequencing. However, a not of caution in that Ed reckons most art colleges have banned their students from pursuing Tuymans related work presumably because it causes rather predictably referential work.
 He also talked about Peter Doig. Again someone who's work I have come across and find very powerful if a little too mystical for my liking.

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