Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Some Homework: Rhiw drawing

Weekend after my first drawing session and decided to try a drawing using charcoal and adopting the same approach: defining objects in space, checking and shifting accordingly. I was working on an A3 sketchbook. This is where I got to after about an hour:

The technique served me well in producing a reasonably well proportioned version of the view which was complicated. However, looking at it now there is very little sense of the palimpsest residue of where I have been. What Tony calls 'diary drawing': telling the story of my drawing. As a result it lacks any of the exploratory strength that comes from a wholehearted approach to finding your way. When i showed it to Tony he said 'Too much detail, and he was right too much effort to make it look right. A bolder sparer drawing could have been much more successful. Resist the pressure to fill in detail. Stick with the line shapes and spaces in between. The other thought I had was that i had had trouble applying the same approach to a smaller scale even though it was A3I

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